We at styledynamix can build a custom stainless steel exhaust system for 99% of vehicles on the road today .We have a complete range of products and solutions when offering you any of our custom stainless steel exhaust systems. All of our exhaust systems, exhaust boxes, pipework and tailpipes are made from 304 grade stainless steel, and are fully TIG welded for the ultimate look and quality. We also offer a full range of Catalytic converters from standard OE replacement catalytic converters, to high flow sports cats for increased power gains.

Our exhaust technicians have undergone full training, and that’s why we have been put in the ‘ centre of excellence ‘ category , that means that we can not only build your custom exhaust system to a very high standard, but we can also offer advise in getting you the best product for your vehicle. We cover a huge spectrum of vehicles types such as – Prestige , Sports , SUV ‘s , MPV’s , Classic cars , Kit cars ,Imported vehicles , Track cars , American cars , Vans , Trucks etc etc. Feel free to contact us with your requirements or come in for a pre booked FREE exhaust consultation to determine what’s best for you vehicle

Thought fitting a custom stainless steel exhaust system was expensive ? then think again ! As we have so many vehicle applications, we have learned that a very high percentage of stainless steel exhaust that are fitted to customer vehicles, have been the same if not cheaper then the standard OE replacement exhaust system. That coupled with the fact that we have offer a very quick turnaround, means you can have what you want !